TYPE: Institutional, Religious Education

SIZE:  3,650 s.f.

YEAR:  2012

GC:  Mike Wilson


Blender Architecture is working on a series of facility renovation projects to modernize a 60 year old synagogue located on Chicago's lakefront.  In addition to addressing basic replacement of worn and outdated building systems, we designed and installed a new window in an existing cylindrical stone chapel space.  The window is especially significant as the restored art glass was retrieved from a historic synagogue and given to the congregation by a donor in honor of his father.  The window transforms the formerly introspective windowless room, flooding it with natural light and offering a spectacular view of the lake and city skyline.  The on-going improvements to this room will make it a more flexible space for classes, meetings, and gatherings in addition to being a worship space.  Formerly disconnected from it's beautiful lakefront setting, it is now fully engaged with the city and adacent beach. 

PHOTO:  David Silverman

CREDIT: In collaboration with Les Jacobs